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At ICS we’re proud of our company culture: a fast-paced, transparent atmosphere that challenges and empowers our employees to find smart solutions to client´s needs.

Mindset and Performance

The ICS culture is completely driven by tolerance, respectful interaction, curiosity and the desire to understand behavior and doings. We value collaboration and mutual support. Both are significant parts of our DNA.

ICS is a place without distinction between management and staff members. All are knowledge workers and everyone has the same sized and identical desk office equipment. We invest a lot in our offices to make them empowering spaces in which our employees can enjoy coming to work and stay.

Of course, we need processes and structures, but our workplace and salesfloors are open so different approaches and new ideas can flow freely. We operate, communicate and sell in an ever-changing market, so we must constantly grow and evolve to stay ahead. To achieve this, all of our work must remain very focused.

ICS is looking for smart people. Our mentors dot not feel threatened by talents who are smarter than them. Rather, they leverage their talents and intelligence to advance the company as a whole.

ICS likes to hire people who are smart, collaborative, hard-working and result-driven – and who have an interesting background. We like people who have tried out the new ways, faced adversity, major changes in life, but persevered anyway.

ICS gives employees an incredible amount of responsibility and the opportunity to work on some very important clients and their projects, often early on in their careers at ICS. Our employees feel empowered when they complete these projects, because they realize how they’ve accomplished more than they ever believed they could.