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Telemarketing-PowerplayTM is an advanced IT-Telemarketing method developed by Attila Ilkin in 1998. TM-PowerplayTM is made for new logo acquisition and share-of-wallet improvement. It is direct but less intrusive.

Key feature is the ability to create significant credibility and trust combined with a brief exchange of views at eye level, from which both parties benefit. Telemarketing-PowerplayTM is C-level approved, accepted EMEA-wide in all vertical markets, and performs equally fine in the IT organization as well as in the line of business.

TM-PowerplayTM is used in Enterprise Lead Generation as well as in Partner-Recruitment & Partner-Opening.

Telemarketing-PowerplayTM delivers reliable results along the entire deep account profiling and lead generation event. Telemarketing-PowerplayTM add a relevant input to your pipeline - remarkable values both in new logo acquisition and in share-of-wallet/cloud consumption improvement.

Generated Sales Qualified Leads, defined by ICS BANTplus criteria, are de facto Sales Opportunities Stage 2 with a probability between 30-40 %. Sales managers feedback that our sales leads and booked meetings are the start of long term and vital business relationships.

On the other hand, due to the forward-looking Powerplay approach, Marketing Qualified Leads are marginally lower than compared to other quality Demand Generation providers.